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The New Ruxton Pack

Ergonomically designed for professionals who use tablet computers on the move. Our packs are durable, comfortable, have added safety features & most of all will give you peace of mind knowing your piece of tech is protected.


What our customers say

Being shorter (5′ 1″ and a bit), as well as female, I was skeptical that the tablet chest pack would fit my dimensions and anatomy. After testing it a few days in the field, I found it to fit very well and to be much more comfortable to wear than a cruiser vest – weight was centred, fixed, and much better supported. My iPad was much more securely stored than I could achieve in my cruiser vest and still easily accessible. For the amount of gear I carry, the perfect combination is a backpack together with the chest pack. Both integrate nicely without any pressure points. I came back and ordered one right away!

The chest pack has worked out really well! I was very pleased with its performance in the field and I’m very glad that I bought one. The design keeps the sweat off my back far better than a cruiser vest and the fabric it’s made of is tough enough to handle being a part of a geologists toolkit. The adjustability if fantastic, and the ability to have modular add-ons is a huge plus. Thanks for making such a quality product, keep up the great work!