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The Comox Harness (MOLLE Compatible)


This Comox Harness utilizes a MOLLE compatible system (MOdular Lightweight Load -carrying Equipment) to secure pouches, bags, holsters and packs on the harness.

The harness is made from mesh with three rows of high-density foam against the user’s body.  This ensures the harness well ventilated and remains comfortable in all conditions.

MOLLE compatible items are secured on the harness by weaving the included plastic staves through alternating rows of webbing on the harness and back of the item being secured to the harness.  The staves may be removed from the harness by opening the zippers that run along the bottom of the harness.  The staves also function to ensure that the harness maintains its shape and provide some protection for the user from the attached items.


  • Utilizes a MOLLE (MOdular Lightweight Load -carrying Equipment) compatible system to provide a highly customizable chest harness.

  • The mesh construction provides a well-ventilated harness that is comfortable in all weather conditions.

  • Utilizes plastic staves woven through alternating rows of webbing to secure pouches, holsters and chest packs on the harness.

  • It is quick to take on and off by using the zipper that joins the front panel to the side panel.

  • The Comox Harness will fit individuals between 5’ 1” and 6’ 5” tall with a mid-section between 26” (66cm) and 50” (127cm) (circumference at your belly button).  It will fit larger sizes with the purchase of our Long Webbing Belt (up to 65”(165cm) mid-section).